As temperatures begin to drop, this summer’s record weather is now a distant memory. Take a look at some of our top tips for keeping your home warm this winter.


According to the SEAI, between 20-30% of the heat in your home escapes through the walls and 30% through the roof; if they are not properly insulated. Consider investing in wall and attic insulation to greatly reduce the level of heat loss from your home and lower your energy bill.


Keep your curtains open during the day to let the winter sun heat up your home, once it gets dark outside close your curtains over to help keep that heat in. Consider adding a thermal lining your curtains, this will add an extra layer of insulation and keep your house even cosier.

Time Your Central Heating

Time your central heating to turn on half an hour before you wake up and half an hour before you return home from work; setting it to a slightly lower temperature than normal. This is more cost effective than turning it on at a higher temperature as you need and also means that you will be greeted by a warm home in the morning and evening. Alternatively, companies such as Nest offer products which help manage the temperature of your home by automatically adjusting your central heating based on how you usually heat your home and whether you are there or not.

Make The Most of Your Radiators

Make sure the heat from your radiators can properly circulate around the room. Avoid placing clothes to dry on radiators and consider whether your couch is blocking any heat. These items absorb the heat directly from the source and so keeping them away means that you get the most out of your radiators. If your radiators feel cold at the top and warm at the bottom they might need to be bled, this will remove the trapped air in them and improve their efficiency.

Other Little Tricks

There are a number of other quick and easy steps which you can take to help keep your home warm this winter. Draught excluders are a great way to stop warm air escaping your home and cold air entering. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used around windows, door frames and floor cracks. Also remember to keep the doors of unused rooms shut so that heat is kept circulating exactly where you need it. 10% of heat loss occurs through uninsulated floors; placing rugs on wooden and tiled floors is one of the easiest ways of keeping more heat in.

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