Buying a new car can be a stressful experience. We all want to get a car that’s reliable, safe and will stay with us for a long time. There can be a lot to think about, so we’ve compiled our top tips to consider before parting with your cash.

Read, Read and Read

Check out car reviews from reputable sources and check out any awards that your chosen car may have received. The European Car of the Year award is the main award to consider. The winner for 2017 will  be revealed on 6th March.

Test Drive

Always go for a test drive. You should feel comfortable behind the wheel and the drive should feel natural and smooth. It’s always a good idea to bring along a friend whose advice you can rely on.


Haggle and ask for a discount for a cash payment. Your dealer should be upfront on the overall cost so don’t be afraid to ask about extras and add-ons. If the salesperson doesn’t budge on price, you should walk – you’ll always find a better deal.

man and woman buying a new car


Consider the cost of insurance before deciding on your car. Getting a quote from Chill Insurance may give you an idea of the price for your desired vehicle. The size of the engine and the value of the car are some of the key factors which will influence the cost of your insurance.

Safety First

Safety should be one of your key concerns. Check out the tests by Euro NCAP, the independent body that judges cars’ safety performance in crashes.

Go Green

Check out the grants available for going electric. Grants of up to €5,000 are available for selected electrical cars. Also, investing in a new car with low CO2 emissions will result in a reduction in the cost of your motor tax and you’ll make a huge difference to the environment.

Diesel or Petrol

If you are doing a lot of miles every year across the country, a diesel may be the most sensible option. A diesel engine may also reduce the cost of your insurance premium. Diesel engines also tend to last much longer than petrol due to their superior lubricating properties.

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