With college costs rising, parents and students have a big decision to make when it comes to choosing a course and college location. The last thing we want is for you to be under prepared for when your child is taking the next step into adulthood. Below we take a look at the true cost of college for both parents and their children.

What Are The Main Costs?

One of the main costs for any student attending 3rd level is the annual student contribution also known as the registration fee. The maximum rate that any college can charge is €3,000. Other key costs to consider include accommodation, books, food and transport.

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The Average Cost of Living

DIT publish a report every year highlighting the living costs for students. The DIT Student Cost of Living Guide highlights the average yearly costs for students living away and at home. Those students living at home can expect to spend up to €6,897 every year. For those living away from home, the average spend rises up to €11,001. Qualifying students can also receive support with the Student Grant Scheme.

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