A poorly insulated home in Ireland can lose up to 30% of its heat which can result in high energy bills. If you are looking to upgrade your home, why not consider improving the insulation and taking advantage of the grants available from the Sustainable Energy Authority Of Ireland (SEAI).

Insulate your home and you’ll reap the benefits including cheaper heating bills and reduced greenhouse gas emissions at home. Better insulation can help reduce noise levels which can come in handy if you live in a busy area. Adding new insulation to your home can help to improve your BER rating and increase the value of your home – perfect if you are looking to sell up.

Main Grants Available

Attic Insulation: Generally the best way of conserving heat in a house as between 20-30% of heat can be lost through the roof if it is insulated poorly. Grants are available at €400.

Cavity Wall Insulation: Much like it sounds, this type of insulation is in-between two walls with a cavity between them. This is a very cost effective way of insulating your home. However, most homes in Ireland are built using solid brick construction, so it may not be possible to arrange at your home. The grant available here is €400.

Internal Insulation (Dry Lining): Internal insulation grant values are dependent is on the size and type of your home. Grants of €1600 are available for apartments/mid terraced houses and €2,200 for semi-detached or end of terraced home. If you live in a detached house, you can apply for a grant of €2,400.

External Wall Insulation: This final type of insulation involves fixing insulating materials onto the outer surface of the walls of your home and then covering them with a special rendering for protection against the elements. The grants for external wall insulation depend on home size and can range from €1600 for dry lining for an apartment or mid terrace house, €4500 for a semi-detached/mid terraced house to €6000 for a detached home.

If three upgrades are completed your grant value increases by €300 which is certainly an extra incentive to help you ensure your home is ready for the winter ahead.

Other Conditions To Know

Remember, in some cases planning permission may be required so always use a registered contractor and check with your local planning authority.

All homeowners whose homes were built pre 2006 are free to apply online at the SEAI. Works must be completed and paperwork submitted within 8 months of the grant being offered.

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