If you’re looking at upgrading your car, why not consider an Electric Vehicle (EV).  Not only will you be cutting down on emissions but you could save a pretty penny! The Irish Government has set an ambitious goal to achieve 10% electric vehicles by 2020, which is the equivalent of having 230,000 vehicles on the road.

What Exactly Is The Grant For?

To help encourage drivers to make the switch over to Electric Vehicles, the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland is offering grants of up to €5,000 to those looking to purchase either a Battery Electric Vehicle or a Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle.

Applying for a grant is very simple. Once you have decided on your EV of choice, your dealer will apply for the grant via the SEAI. Grants start from €2,000 for EVs with a list price of €14,000.

electric car being recharged

Are There Any Restrictions?

The grant scheme is not applicable to 2nd hand cars. The SEAI has identified 20 models where the grant can be offered, including models from companies such as Audi, BMW Citroen, Mistubishi, Nissan, Renault, Volkswagen and Volvo.

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